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New Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods

New Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods


A whole new line-up of new Thomas & Thomas fly rods for 2013

In the New Thomas and Thomas fly rods, T&T has taken advantage of recent developments in materials, and launched a whole new line-up of rods for 2013. From the DNA double-hand series to the ESP precision series, they have spanned the gamut of fly rod tapers. If your swinging flies for Atlantic Salmon or Steelhead, presenting dries to sipping trout on a glassy pool or looking to launch a Greendrake dry in an early spring headwind, T&T has you covered.



Thomas & Thomas DNA

Classic, progressive action, inspired by T&T’s original DH series. Starting with the benchmark that our highly regarded DH rods set, we took advantage of recent developments in materials, and achieved the same smooth actions in significantly lighter, slimmer four and five-piece blanks that perform like three-piece rods. The DNA delivers the perfect action for anglers seeking two handed rods that will do it all with ease – skagit, scandi, spey, and overhead. Designed in coordination with T&T casting consultant Jon Huff, the DNA is the perfect ‘all around’ rod and the best choice for experienced casters fishing mid belly length lines and longer. SHOP NOW

Thomas & Thomas DNA XF

Extra fast action, dialed-in for scandi heads and tight loops. Recommended for anglers who predominantly present flies near the surface, enjoy Scandinavian underhand ‘touch and go’ styles of casting, and also long distance overhead casting. Designed in coordination with T&T casting consultant Jon Huff, the ‘extra fast’ design of the DNA XF flexes more in the upper sections and less into the butt of the rod and produces a crisp, sharp feel that is perfect for throwing floating and intermediate scandi heads for salmon and steelhead and overhead casting for stripers in the surf. SHOP NOW

Thomas & Thomas DNA XD

Extra deep action dialed-in for short skagit heads and heavy tips. For situations that call for a fly to be presented deep utilizing ‘sustained anchor’ styles of casting with skagit heads. Designed in coordination with T&T casting consultant Jon Huff, the ‘extra deep’ action of the DNA XD is designed to be stiffer in the tip and fuller flexing deep in to the handle of the rod. Optimized for sweeping heavy terminal tackle from the water and launching skagit heads effortlessly, this rod has been thoroughly tested with cold water salmon and steelhead and the results have been exceptional. SHOP NOW


Thomas & Thomas LPS II

The medium action feel and accuracy of our legendary LPS – now in a four-piece rod. Designed specifically for the stealth and delicacy that highly technical trout fisheries demand. Wherever extremely wary fish are rising in smooth, glassy water, you will find the conditions for this rod series to excel. Fine-tuned in coordination with T&T casting consultant, Jon Huff, our LPS II rods handle long leaders and accurately deliver dry flies at all distances, providing the ultimate experience in feel and control. Sensitivity in the upper sections of the LPS II makes it a versatile tool, perfectly able to make the transition to small nymphs or streamers when conditions dictate.SHOP NOW


Thomas & Thomas ESP

Medium action small stream rods. When the conditions call for precision and finesse, add a sixth sense to your casting arsenal. Designed in coordination with T&T casting consultant, Jon Huff, this is a rod series for babbling brooks, rich chalk streams and technical spring creeks. The ESP feels light in the hand and flexes with minimal haul for smooth, controlled casts at short and medium distances. In confined spaces, the rod’s action will enable anglers to get creative with roll casts and ‘bow and arrow’ target shooting. If longer presentations are required the ESP possesses plenty of reserve power—and backbone to handle bigger fish as well. SHOP NOW


Thomas & Thomas NS

Fast action trout rods for big water and big fish - no sanctuary. We’ve been receiving more and more requests for a faster trout rod in four-piece configuration. Here it is - we’re delighted to deliver the NS series (the NS denoting ‘no sanctuary’). Developed in close collaboration with our casting consultant Jonathan Huff, these are rods for big water and big fish - a rod for the Delaware, the Deerfield and the wider rivers of the West. A rod that takes inspiration from our fast action Vector series, configures it in to four pieces, increases modulus and tensile strength and blasts fast, distance casting performance to a whole new level. SHOP NOW


Thomas & Thomas SSS

Medium fast action for the challenges of anadromous fish. With two-handed rods seemingly ubiquitous on many famous salmon and steelhead rivers, at times it seems as though single-hander’s have been forgotten. That’s not the case here at T&T. The new SSS rods are designed to offer salmon and steelhead anglers the ultimate balance of sensitivity and fish fighting prowess. These rods are deadly accurate for dry fly work and perfectly capable of lifting a long line off the water as you step and swing flies through holding water in the search for majestic, migratory fish. SHOP NOW


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